Taylor Cladding: the timber weatherboard supplier & installer Taylor Cladding

Who else wants a timber weatherboard supplier and installer who delivers on quality, sticks to time frames, takes care of things, gets it done and delivers results above industry standards?


I know why you’re here.

You’re looking for a good, reliable, no fuss subbie to supply and install your timber weatherboards.

One who ACTUALLY makes your life easier by delivering WHAT they promise, WHEN they promise!

Well you’ve found one.

But we’re not for everyone. And maybe you won’t even get to work with us.

Since some say we’re a cut above the rest. Which is the culture we’ve deliberately developed… and stake our reputation on. 

Because frankly you need someone whose unapologetically, single-mindedly focused on providing excellent service, excellent communication, quality material and quality workmanship to you.

We will (and do) bend over backwards to make it easy for you and to do right by you.

NOT by being the lowest price but by being the best VALUE and offering you a superior level of service.

So every single day you avoid dealing with:

  • Subbie missing deadlines stress.
  • Solving subbie problems stress.  
  • Fielding subbie calls of complaints stress.  
  • Chasing subbie up stress.  
  • Uptight calls to get subbie back onsite stress.  
  • Subbie sub quality material or workmanship stress.  
  • Subbie drama full stop.

We just quietly go in and make everything right.

Why? Because you’re family! And we value family.

But fair warning: we’ll look after you (and we will), but in return we expect you to look after us too!

Meaning you value our team and expertise, you’re not rude, you pay on time and you prize lasting relationships.

Still reading?


Then make your life considerably easier starting today.

Call us.

(But don’t call us if you don’t want your subbie delivering on quality, time frames and results… as we won’t work with anything less).

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